Motorola web sites for Palm

This page contains a large Palm database full of "whacked" web sites about hacking Motorola two-way radios. I used httrack to do the whacking onto my local disk. Then I used Plucker to convert the HTML portions of the whacked sites into Palm format. Plucker includes the host-side conversion tools, and the Palm-side viewer app.

Here is a unix shell script containing the commands I used to manufacture the .pdb file. The most useful part of it is probably the list of URLs I whacked, which will doubtless disagree with everyone else, but make me more or less happy for now. The file size is bytes. It was last modified .

Here is the Palm format database. The file size is bytes, OUCH! It was last generated on . It is also available for download compressed in a ZIP file. The file size is bytes. It was last generated on .

This nonsense courtesy of Dennis Boone, KB8ZQZ, drb at msu dot edu, purveyor of general insanity.